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Mar 27
Elena Di Giovanni, University of Macerata (Italy), Professor of
Mar 29
Gabriele, a former rock band guitarist, is now the owner of a music store and the divorced father of 10 year-old Sofia.
Mar 30
Massimo, owner of a dilapidated bed and breakfast, is over-whelmed by his tax burden. But he has an epiphany: in order to
Apr 04
A journey to expose the truth about NATO bombing ranges that have had devastating consequences on the local human and
Apr 05
  Maria lives day to day, without dreams or desires, as she ferries pregnant women across the river, like a modern-day
Apr 06
Arturo, a talented chef with a troubled past, is assigned to serve community time as a cooking instructor at a school for


This upcoming fall, Zac will enroll in an MA program in fundamental and applied language research at the University of Cergy-Pontoise in Cergy, France, with the Fulbright US Student Program. In the first portion of the Master’s program, students engage with several disciplines of linguistics and different approaches to academic research, including lexicography, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and computational research. In the second year, students formulate and pursue their dissertation project, which often serves as a precursor to doctoral studies in language research. Zac hopes to work with faculty in the Institute for the Digital Humanities on campus and to continue to employ the methodological tools he’s learned while at Pitt.

Enjoy the local premieres of seven recent, critically acclaimed Italian films at the 2019 Italian Film Festival USA of Pittsburgh. All films are free and open to the public; and shown in Italian with English subtitles on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Sponsored by Volpi Foods and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh and our generous local sponsors! Visit the festival website at www.italianfilmfests.org/pittsburgh.html for detailed information on films, schedules, and venues.

Eliza Jermyn, a first-year student in the Italian Master's program, has been awarded the Frances & Sully Nesta Memorial Scholarship in support of intensive advanced language study and archival research on the Italian literary translator Fernanda Pivano. Michael Hayden, a first-year student pursuing dual degrees in the Swanson School of Engineering and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, has been awarded the Italian Room Committee Scholarship, part of the Nationality Rooms Scholarship program. He will use the scholarship to study Italian literature and culture this summer on the Pitt in Genoa program. Congratulazioni, Eliza e Michael!


Congratulations to French major Alison Chicott, and French minor Mahima Rajan, who have been awarded a Spring 2019 THINK Fellowship (Formerly Fall Brackenridge/Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Research Fellowships). This award comes in recognition of Alison's research project, "Assessing the Validity of the French Translation of the Computerized Revised Token Test". Mahima's project is "Bilingualism and its Effect on Number Talk Between Parents and Children". ...